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Caribbean Erotic, an anthology of poetry, short stories and essays from the Anglophone, Francophone and Hispanophone Caribbean was published by Peepal Tree Press in December 2010. The book was jointly edited by Opal Palmer Adisa and Donna Aza Weir-Soley and includes the work of 62 writers who self-identify as “Caribbean” from three language areas of the Caribbean, North America, England and Canada. Well known writers such as Edwidge Danticat (Haiti), Nicole Cage-Florentiny (Martinique), Nancy Morejon (Cuba), Colin Channer (Jamaica), Audre Lorde (Grenada), Carole Boyce-Davies (Trinidad), and Dorothea Smartt (Barbados)are represented here, along with newer talents such as Christian Campbell (Bahamas), Jacqueline Bishop (Jamaica),Tiphanie Yanique (St. Thomas, V.I.), Heather Russell (Jamaica), and many more. As with Donna Aza’s Weir-Soley’s scholarly book, eroticism in the Caribbean is defined in this collection as a marriage of the spiritual and the sexual, so expect the unexpected.

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