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In 2010 Dr. Heidi Scott was hired at FIU as an Assistant Professor of the Department of English with a specialization in Ecocriticism. Ecocriticism focuses on how cultures construct and are constructed by the non-human world. The central purpose which unites all strands of ecocriticism is the assumption that the ideas and structures of desire which govern the interactions between humans and their natural environment are of central importance to addressing our current ecological predicament.

An interdisciplinary scholar of literature and ecology, Dr. Scott double majored in Biology, with a concentration in Ecology, and English, with a focus on the Romantic poet John Keats’s use of evolutionary theory in his narrative poetry. In 2009 Dr. Scott completed her Ph.D. in Literature at the University of Maryland.

Dr. Scott’s book, coming out next year, “Chaos and the Microcosm,” is a study of how the literature of the 19th century began to formalize the methods of ecological science, specifically with disturbance narrative and modeling. In addition, Dr. Scott has two upcoming articles: “Whale Oil Culture, Consumerism, and Modern Conservation” which explores the 19th century whaling industry as an indicator of the landscape ethic in modern environmentalism, and “Havens and Horrors: The Island Landscape” which focuses on literary islands in relation to island biogeography, the scientific study of exceptional evolution and ecology among island species.