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Our very own Department of English Associate professor James Sutton recently responded to stories in The Atlantic and The Economist when questioning the value and education of an English Degree at FIU.

So what can you do with an FIU English degree? Sutton goes on to explain that you can do virtually anything, from becoming a speechwriter for the University of Miami, an executive editor at Latina magazine or an acclaimed author of In Cuba I Was a German Shepherd or Chief Operating Officer at Fairchild Botanical Gardens, or even be the second inaugural poet for President Barack Obama.

Sutton also responds by noting that the survey taken was only based on a new study done by that was solely based on 62 alumni which are not representative of the 7,139 alumni.  Sutton also notes that Payscale filters out the reports of Alumni with advanced degrees, therefore discounting our graduates who went to receive JD’s, MBA’s, and Ph.D.’s, as well as MA’s and MFA’s.

Read Professor Sutton’s open letter here.