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Class of 2017 Liberal Studies graduate, Nick Day, was recently commemorated during his graduation ceremony as he was awarded the FIU Medallion of Courage. The Medallion of Courage honors individuals who pursue or defend a noble cause at a personal cost.

In early 2017, Nick was driving to baseball practice when he witnessed a van flip in the air and go off into a dirt road in his hometown of Yuma, Arizona. Nick immediately jumped into action to see the extent of the damage and help anyone in need. The vehicle had two passengers who were in need of medical attention. Nick, who has never been trained on emergency rescues, used his intuition mixed with some television based knowledge to help save the lives of the two passengers in the accident. The police arrived at the scene and described the situation to be “under control” all thanks to Nick.

We are so honored to have Nick Day as one of our College of Arts, Sciences & Education graduates and recipient of the FIU Medallion of Courage. Read the full story of Nick’s heroic rescue.