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Over the last few years Timothy Long, Multimedia Manager for the Department of External Relations, has spent his time creating short films and web videos focused on climate science.

Although Tim has talked the talk for quite some time now, it’s time for him to walk the walk. Literally. This summer, Tim will be hiking in Glacier National Park to raise money for the Sea Level Solutions Center (SLSC).

The Sea Level Solutions Center was created to specifically explore ways to build a sustainable future. Working with experts around the world, the center is a hub for international research, collaboration, education, communication and outreach. Tim has seen firsthand how the center works to bring people together to explore science-based solutions to today’s climate challenges in the community.

This opportunity comes as part of a Climate Ride event. Climate Ride is a grassroots movement to protect the planet. Their events inspire, educate, and generate powerful grants for the environment, climate, conservation, and bike advocacy. Through multi-day cycling and hiking charitable events, and the Independent Challenge program, the participants are taking direct action to grow the sustainability and active transportation movements.

A generous donation is an investment in a healthier, safer future and will help Climate Hike and the Sea Level Solutions Center to make this a reality.

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