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FIU was recently represented at the 2018 Emirates International Forensic Conference and Exhibition in Dubai. The three-day conference hosts discussions and sessions in the field of forensics highlighting the impact of Artificial Intelligence and next-generation technologies on forensic sciences.

Our very own Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Bruce McCord, gave a detailed account of ‘The Application of Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for the Determination of Synthetic Cannabinoids in Oral Fluids‘.

Apart from a number of highly specialized scientific and technical lectures on a variety of topics in forensics, Emirates International Forensic conference also played host to a number of Oral Presentations on ‘cybersecurity’, a key theme for forensic professionals.

Dr. Jeffrey Wells from the Department of Biological Sciences and our International Forensic Research Institute also commented on his topic ‘A Case For Better Forensic Entomology Experiments’, said, “As it has recently become possible to associate a probability with an estimate of time since death, my presentation further illustrated ways to design and interpret postmortem decomposition experiments in order to better estimate when death occurred in a precise manner. With so many statistical models widely available, forensic entomologists and other death investigators should take advantage of the latest tools at their disposal and modify typical research methods.”

Read the full press release for more on this conference.