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Vanessa Franco received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology right here from FIU’s Department of Psychology. Since then she has received her Masters in Educational Leadership, specifically with the student personnel track from the University of Central Florida and is now the Assistant Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement at NSU and has streamlined over 100 Organizations.

Vanessa helps to oversee NSU’s student events and activities board in order to promote culture and diversity through day and nighttime events.

She was born in the United States but her parents are originally from Colombia, she believes that her background has made her more enthusiastic about creating a more diverse community. Being the Assistant Director for Campus Life is a perfect fit, “Every kind of thing aligned with the position, aligned with what I wanted to instill in others..”, she said.

Vanessa wanted to help get students involved because she knows that involvement leads to a lot of great connections, networking, and leadership.

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