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Our FIU Police are launching an enhanced FIU Active Shooter Response Training program. This initiative is rooted in the need to provide our faculty and staff important tools to deal with the kind of incident we hope never happens on our campuses.

Over the next few months, a team of FIU Police will conduct training sessions in each building at all of our campuses and centers. Faculty and staff will have an opportunity to be trained in strategies to survive an active shooter situation. Students in the building during the training may participate as well.

On training day, there will be police activity around the particular building.

Please note that realistic-sounding shots will be fired during the drill portion of the training.

Training dates and locations for the month of July are below. Please look for future training schedules.

  • Thursday, August 2nd– Ocean Bank Convention Center (OBCC) Arena
  • Friday, August 3rd– Owa Ehan (OE)
  • Tuesday, August 7th– Chemistry and Physics (CP)
  • Thursday, August 9th– Academic Health Center 3 (AHC3)
  • Friday, August 10th– Ernest R. Graham Univ. Ctr. (GC)
  • Tuesday, August 14th– Engineering Center (EC)
  • Wednesday, August 15th– Charles E. Perry Primera Casa (PC)
  • Thursday, August 16th– Academic I (ACI)

*Please note that these locations will receive a modified version of the training exercise.

The FIU Police look forward to working with every member of the FIU faculty and staff to make our campuses safer and our community more resilient. If you have any questions regarding the Active Shooter Response Training program, please contact FIU PD Captain Alberto Alberto at or 305-348-2087. If you have questions about the training schedule, please contact Faculty Administrator Howard Holness at or 305-348-4875.