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FIU Embrace LIFE is a four-year liberal arts program for students with intellectual disabilities ages 18-22. There are three programs of study: computer & technology, health and nutrition, and hospitality. In addition to the classes associated with their career choice, students are required to complete reading and math classes (offered through Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS), common core credits, and electives. The program delivered in collaboration with MDCPS also offers the students opportunities to develop employability and independent living skills through the completion of various seminars, job shadowing, and internships placements.

We currently have 10 LIFE students at BBC and are recruiting 10 Faculty/Staff from BBC to mentor each one.

Faculty mentors meet weekly with students and work on 1-3 measurable goals. In the past these goals have been in a variety of areas such as improving reading, learning time management and scheduling, navigating the social environment and college life, and more. These goals are set in collaboration between the faculty member and the student and discussed in the weekly one hour meetings.

FIU Embrace was recently funded to begin a faculty mentor certification program as well as a mentee certification program. The goal is to provide up to six sessions (~2 hours or less each) to discuss mentorship skill building and working with students with disabilities.

Mentors are asked for a two-semester commitment and to fill out surveys every two weeks or monthly. In exchange for your time, you will be provided a stipend of $400 each semester. Find more information here.