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FIU Alumnus, Assaf Oshri, was recently awarded a Career Award by the National Institutes of Health to conduct a neuroimaging study of resilience among rural youth.

Assaf graduated with a master’s and Ph.D. in developmental psychology in 2009. Since then, he has earned his post-doctoral degree in developmental psychopathology, became an associate professor at the University of Georgia, and has been conducting research on understanding the development of youth well-being and risk using multi-level research.

“Conducting research is not always easy, but it is very gratifying and intriguing. My research requires continuous learning and development of complex skills. When I teach, I am forced to think through the research process, and by doing so I believe I become a more effective teacher and researcher. I must add that loving what I do and doing what I can to contribute to the well-being of families and youth, is the key to both my research and my teaching success. I also gain tremendous satisfaction in seeing my students develop and gain expertise in research that benefits youth and families,” says Assaf.

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