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The latest issue of Exectric Literature magazine features an extensive feature on “16 Puerto Rican Women and Non-Binary Writers Telling New Stories.”

Included in the all-star lineup are Master of Fine Arts alumni Jennifer Maritza McCauley and her collection “Scar On/Scar Off” ; Anjanette Delgadoand, her novel The Clairvoyant of Calle Ocho; as well as Jaquira Díaz, for her essay anthology, “15 Views of Miami”.

As of 2013, approximately 5 million Puerto Ricans reside in the mainland U.S. and these 16 non-binary and women writers are adding new narratives to the history of Puerto Rican writing.

Their fiction, essays, and poetry focuses on racism, inequality, womanhood, African-based religions, and much more. These are the writers to watch to see how they change the topography of Puerto Rican literature.

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