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The scar on Anthony Jones’ neck, serves as a constant reminder the running back will never forget. The bullet that could’ve taken his life, however, isn’t stopping him from achieving his dreams.

Shot in the back on Sept. 6, Jones and FIU offensive lineman Mershawn Miller were hurt in a drive-by shooting outside a home they were visiting in Opa-Locka.

Thankfully, both of them survived.

“That first night, I asked God, ‘Why me?’” Jones said. “I just want to play football, graduate, get my degree and help my family.

“I have that chance now. A second chance.”

As a junior majoring in liberal studies, he’s already taking advantage of that second chance.

After months of surgeries and recovery, Anthony is about to go play for FIU in the Bahamas Bowl.

Other than the scar and some puffiness under his eye, there’s no visible damage.

Just don’t call him lucky; his mom would get angry.

“Everybody would come to the hospital and kept saying to me, ‘Man, you’re a lucky dude,’ Jones said. “Every time somebody said that, my mom corrected them fast. She said, ‘No, my baby’s not lucky. He’s blessed.’ And then I thought about it, and realized, she’s right. Things could have been so much worse.”

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