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We are pleased to announce that Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing student, Jordan Hill’s, short film, Breakfast Wine, was screened at the 55th Annual Antakya Film Festival.

The Antakya International Film Festival is a competitive annual event in Turkey, organized by Mehmet Oflazoglu. This past December, the festival showcased 350 different films shot and produced in 42 countries. Breakfast Wine, written and directed by Hill, was selected to compete in the “Narrative Shorts” category.

Hill was inspired to write the script after going through a breakup. 

“I thought that making a film might be slightly more productive than spending another few weeks crying and rewatching The Notebook.”

Jordan Hill

While studying abroad in London, Hill and co-writer Seth Gleckman met at a coffee shop where they began discussing what they had access to, such as interesting locations, a few acting friends abroad, and talented artist friends. Soon after, the script was developed. 

Although he was initially just planning on directing the film, Hill stepped out of his comfort zone when producer Michelle McGhan convinced him to play the role of Ben. 

The short film, Breakfast Wine, follows Ben as he attempts to get over a breakup by flying to London. Ben tries to find new purpose, love and coffee. 

Breakfast Wine was shot in two continents, North America and Europe, and over 20 locations. One of the places you might recognize in the film is the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Take a look at the teaser below.