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While junior third baseman Austin Shenton may seem like just a regular guy, he’s faced many obstacles along his journey.

Shenton visited Bellingham at the end of the season back in July. What the SEAS student thought would be a nice trip to his hometown quickly took a turn when his parents sat him down for a talk.

“I have breast cancer,” said Shenton’s mom Andrea. The words every son or daughter fears hearing.

Shenton insisted on staying home to help take care of his mother; however, Andrea was not having any of that.

“Watching his games on the computer have helped me. It serves as a distraction to my treatment.”

Andrea Shenton

Despite his mother’s diagnosis weighing heavily on him, Shenton returned to FIU.

The Shenton family has faced their share of challenges in the past. Ian, Shenton’s older brother, suffered a stroke in the womb and lost two-thirds of his brain function by the time he was born.

Andrea, Ian and father Dana were a family of three until the family welcomed Shenton, their foster child. That title quickly changed when Andrea and Dana adopted Shenton as their son when he turned five years old.

Shenton may not have had contact with his birth parents for over 15 years now, but the baseball player has a whole team behind him.

This past fall, the chemotherapy caused Andrea’s hair to fall out. On that difficult day, she received a text from Coach Melendez of a photo of the baseball team wearing pink bracelets with the words, ‘Mama Shent’ and ‘Andrea Strong.’

Stay strong, Mama Shent!

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