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Photo courtesy Lizz Malloy

In a recent Living on Earth podcast,FCE’s own John Kominoski, an associate professor and ecosystem ecologist in the Department of Biological Sciences, was a personal tour guide to Living on Earth’s Lizz Malloy, as he introduced her to the vast wonders of the Everglades National Park.

Kominoski presented Malloy with some history on how the Everglades came to be and what to expect to see in the park. During the tour, Kominoski showed her the massive banyan trees, stopped to see a native diving bird and even encountered with a female alligator along the way.

To end the tour, they got on kayaks and drifted past lumbering manatees and sun-bathing crocodiles as they made their way through a sea of mangroves where the Everglades meets the ocean for one last view.

“You don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate and want to protect the Everglades. I think you just have to be somebody that wants to connect with yourself and with nature in a place that is experiencing a lot of change and may not be here for as much time as we hope it will be.”

John Kominoski

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