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On April 8, Steve Fain, chair of the Ignite campaign, sent the following message to the university community:

Thank you for your continued support of the FIU Student Food Pantry!

This academic year, students have visited the MMC and BBC locations 2,502 times, and we’ve distributed almost 15,000 pounds of food. Unfortunately, the need is outpacing our ability to keep the shelves stocked. In fact, at one point last semester, our food pantry completely emptied out.

This is why we now have an additional way to support FIU’s student food pantriesThrough our Ignite Campaign, you can give a monetary donation to the FIU Student Food Pantry Fund! To learn more or to donate, please click here.

Since the FIU Student Food Pantry opened in 2014, we have seen a 700 percent increase in student visits. That’s why our FIU Student Food Pantry Fund is so important: It’s our safety net and helps us ensure that our MMC and BBC pantries are always fully stocked. Remember: A single $25 donation can provide a hungry student with 10 pounds of food per week!

Your donation to the FIU Student Food Pantry is directly tied to student success. As you know, our Ignite campaign allows you to support the FIU projects and causes that help our FIU family! Ignite is also a critical part of our Next Horizon campaign, and your support to Ignite will ensure that we continue to support student success and research excellence.

Thank you!