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Photo taken amid sea spray and crashing waves as Hurricane Ike's outer bands impact the Florida coast, September 2008.

It’s that time of year when the highest tides in any given period – King Tides – grace South Florida. This time around Floridians have another visitor, Hurricane Dorian.

With Hurricane Dorian set to make landfall early next week, the annual high tides are predicted to be even higher. The already high currents are driven by the gravitational forces caused by the near alignment of the earth, moon and sun.

Dr. Hugh Willoughby, research professor in the Department of Earth and Environment, told Mashable SEA that obviously wherever the storm decides to land, “It’s not ideal for somebody.”

As the storm approaches, it’s vital to be prepared. Assistant VP of Operations & Safety, Amy Aiken developed an FAQ to help students and the local community better understand the facts about being ready for an emergency.