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With the recent mass shootings around South Florida and the nation, parents and children are dealing with a frightening new reality. With social media platforms at their fingertips, it’s hard for teens especially to avoid the news updates on these events. Parents are concerned now more than ever on how to support children through these situations. 

Jonathan Comer, professor of psychology and psychiatry at FIU, has an interdisciplinary clinical research lab devoted to expanding the quality, scope and accessibility of mental health care for young people. He recently shared some tips with SunSentinel on how to help children recover from these devastating events.

Comer encourages coping skills by focusing on the “good guys” – those who helped others during or after the shootings. He also suggests to help children to think of the world as a safe place and put the events into perspective.

Learn more on how to help children cope with mass shootings by reading the full article.

This article first appeared in SunSentinel on August 5, 2019.