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Photo courtesy Miami New Times

A new radio show is making waves at FIU. Cohosts, Ellie and Linda Lust (who use pseudonyms) are stirring up conversations on deconstructing myths about gender, sexuality, relationships, rape culture and more.

Despite their 25-year age difference, the two instantly hit it off after meeting in class. Both majoring in psychology and women’s and gender studies, they quickly realized they had no shortage of things to discuss.

Linda told Miami New Times, “We would sit in Feminist Theory and come up with different reasons as to why we thought something was so. At the end of the conversation, it was an exchange of ideas.”

Those ideas eventually formed into Pleasure Theory – which was born out of a student project in FIU professor Vicki Burns‘ class on campus sexual assault. You can catch Pleasure Theory every Friday at 10 am on Roar Miami, FIU student’s radio show.

Although both hosts are women, they say they hope to frame each show in a way that interests male listeners as well and generates a larger conversation on FIU’s campus and beyond.

Don’t miss out on the next episode, view the schedule here.

This article first appeared on Miami New Times on August 5, 2019.