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When naming the states of matter most can identify the basics: solids, liquids and gases. But what about plasma? Although there isn’t much on Earth – aside from lightning strikes – plasma actually constitutes 99 percent of all matter in the known universe.

At this year’s annual Children’s Trust Expo, engaging with plasma was one of the new programs FIU CASE showcased to hundreds of event attendees. 

How? Enter the Plasma Grove.

This scientific instrument brings the “out of this world” plasma phenomenon to explorers of all ages. Generating energy from a center electrode, plasma is created by charging invisible gases and revealing their color, or as scientists call it, their spectral fingerprint. By touching the plasma globe, patrons were able to see that humans are actually great sources of conductivity.

Also featured at this year’s expo were the many programs from the Center for Children and Families (CCF) that provide support to children and their families throughout South Florida and receive funding from Children’s Trust.

FIU CASE continues to cultivate unique experiences and community partnerships that helps extend its reach in the community. This is only the beginning of a great school year. Stay tuned for upcoming outreach events in the South Florida community.

Daniel Mannina contributed to this article.